We offer a variety of hardwoods to select from. The samples pictured here are shown in the woods’ natural colors with only a blond shellac finish applied. All real woods change somewhat over time, and some woods, like cherry and padauk, age dramatically over time to a rich, dark patina—this is part of the beauty of using real hardwoods. NOTE: The swatches pictured here are for general color selection. Due to the differences in printing and viewing conditions the actual colors will vary from these sample swatches.

wood_maple.psd wood_alder.psd wood_beech.psd wood_oak.psd
Maple Alder Beech Oak
wood_cherry.psd wood_paduk.psd wood_walnut.psd  
Cherry* Padauk* Walnut  

* These woods will darken naturally with age.

Designer Colors

Many of our designs are also available in solid colors. We use a traditional ‘milk’ paint for the pigment layers and complete with clear coats of a low VOC, waterborne finish for added protection.

colors_black.psd colors_white.psd colors_basil.psd
Black White


colors_blue.psd colors_green.psd colors_red.psd
Blue Green

Hot Pepper Red