Information on Glass Table Tops

Due to the weight and breakable nature of glass tops, we do not include glass tops on our larger tables. It is more economical to purchased glass from a supplier in the dealer's or customer's local area. Check the web page and price list for glass dimensions and other requirements for individual tables.

Occasional tables with glass tops up to approximately 18 inches do ship with glass.

Types of Glass

Annealed: Clear glass suitable for table tops in 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch thicknesses. Relatively strong but if broken can leave sharp edges which could result in serious injury.

Tempered: Clear glass suitable for table tops. Tempered glass has been treated to break into many small pieces reducing the risk of serious injury. More costly than annealed glass.

Edge Styles

Glass is available in a variety of edge styles. Below are the appropriate styles to use for our tables depending on the table design and your preferences.

Flat Polished: Edges are polished flat at 90° to the top surface. This style features a small bevel on top and bottom edges to eliminate a sharp edge. When ordering this style on rectangular tops request the corners to be ‘dubbed’ to remove the sharp vertical edge at
each corner. Suitable for square and rectangular tops.

Pencil Polish: Edges are polished with a soft rounded profile eliminating any sharp edges between surfaces. Suitable for round and oval tops. Not suitable for use with square or rectangular tops.

Beveled: Edges have a large bevel to eliminate the hard edge along the top. There are a variety of bevel sizes available. We generally recommend a 1 inch bevel. Beveled edges will give the table a much more traditional appearance. Suitable for square, rectangular, oval and round tops.